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Free Agency Round Up Heat Island

In this episode @fgreco12 and @altspec1 discuss the big moves of free agency including the looming Giannis decision, Lakers moves, Pistons…the hell? and Hawks overhyped.
  1. Free Agency Round Up
  2. 2021 Contenders & Buddy Hield-palooza
  3. The End of the Bubble
  4. Episode #6 – Fall is for BASKETBALL
  5. Episode #5 – Series’ Recaps & Top 5 Paul George’s
  6. Episode #4 – Fixing Losers & Praising Winners
  7. Episode #3 – It’s Playoff Time Mother Bleeper!
  8. Episode #2 – Standings battles, play-in game, & who would you rescue from their NBA situation!
  9. Episode #1 – Bubble Ball…with notes!
  10. Preview

Hosts: Frank Greco (@fgreco12) and Heimdall Imbert (@altspec1)

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