Go Small & Win Big: 7 Thoughts

In a surprise decision to many Erik Spoelstra chose to sit Meyers Leonard and start Jae Crowder. The Heat’s starting lineup of Nunn, Robinson, Butler, Bam, and Leonard had been one of the best units in the NBA this season (+121 in over 480 minutes). To go small against the Nuggets, who had to goContinue reading “Go Small & Win Big: 7 Thoughts”

In Their Shoes: Erik Spoelstra

In this series we will be taking a look back at some of the coaching decisions that may or may not have changed the outcome of NBA Finals over the last several years. It’s always easy to play Monday Morning Quarterback but as an NBA Head Coach this is something that comes with the profession.Continue reading “In Their Shoes: Erik Spoelstra”

The NBA All-22: Part II – The East

Washington Wizards – with no Bradley Beal and no Davis Bertans the Wizards don’t have much a real chance to push either the Magic or whatever remains of the Nets. So following their short stay in the bubble they turn to their off-season question marks. Their front office has to praying to the basketball godsContinue reading “The NBA All-22: Part II – The East”